What Is SEO?

Business owners often ask us, "What is SEO?" If you read about internet marketing and inbound marketing, you most likely run into terms like "local SEO" and "WordPress SEO."

If you have a website, you probably are already doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If Google or Bing crawled and indexed your site, then their bots also ranked and categorized your site. Did they do a good job in deciding who is interested in your content?

If not, you may benefit from a more strategic SEO plan. But first, take a moment to learn some SEO basics. Whether you are interested in WordPress SEO or Joomla SEO, the basic concepts are the same.

4 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Audit

For most people, the word ‘audit’ has negative associations because it means they’re being evaluated. For example, an audit of your finances could mean you’re being accused of scary things such as fraud, tampering, or lying. But when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization audits, you have nothing to fear. Conducting an SEO audit shows you’re proactively trying to help yourself and your business.