4 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Audit

For most people, the word ‘audit’ has negative associations because it means they’re being evaluated. For example, an audit of your finances could mean you’re being accused of scary things such as fraud, tampering, or lying. But when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization audits, you have nothing to fear. Conducting an SEO audit shows you’re proactively trying to help yourself and your business.

The Benefits of Being Social Online

A blog post about blogs. Pretty meta, right? There are numerous benefits of blogging for your web business. In fact, more and more businesses are turning to blog writing as a form of marketing. That’s probably because small businesses with blogs generate 126% for more leads . Interesting content is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media and 81% of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs.

The Benefits of Blogging for Your Web Business

If you don’t have social media for your business at this point, then you are losing out on hundreds of opportunities a day. 4 of the 25 most visited websites currently are social media platforms. With your business on any of the four, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you’ll have a greater chance of your customers seeing your name everyday. The most visited social network and second most visited site, Facebook, has 65% of its users visiting at least once daily and 72% at least monthly. If these stats aren’t enough to get your business active on social media immediately then keep reading and you’ll be convinced.

5 Inbound Marketing Goals for the New Year

They say a new year brings a fresh start, but the reality is January doesn’t magically make things better on its own. It is you that must make changes and improvements in life. With that being said, if you want to help your business grow like the people hitting the gym this month, the key is to not give up, even if results don’t show immediately. To start this journey on a path to even greater success, here are five goals to achieve throughout the year.

Creating More Conversions for Your Web Business

The end goal of a web business is to make conversions. Whether they’re sales, leads or clicks on a particular page, conversions are the main drivers of web business. Conversions don’t come naturally to any site. Most sites must do their own testing, analysis and optimization to find what works best. These few tips may help create more conversions for you web business.