Why SEO is a Great Investment for Your Business

SEO should be a priority to any business, which makes it one of the best investments that you can make. SEO creates long-term value for your website that will continue to pile up over time.

Reasons why your company needs to invest in SEO:

What Is SEO?

Business owners often ask us, "What is SEO?" If you read about internet marketing and inbound marketing, you most likely run into terms like "local SEO" and "WordPress SEO."

If you have a website, you probably are already doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If Google or Bing crawled and indexed your site, then their bots also ranked and categorized your site. Did they do a good job in deciding who is interested in your content?

If not, you may benefit from a more strategic SEO plan. But first, take a moment to learn some SEO basics. Whether you are interested in WordPress SEO or Joomla SEO, the basic concepts are the same.

What Is Web Design?

Whether you own a Pittsburgh-area business or manage a local non-profit, your website is your calling card to the world. Most organizations need a professional skilled in Pittsburgh web design and web development.

What Is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is technology that provides a secure link between the web browser you are using and the web server. An SSL certificate can be the difference between your personal info staying private or becoming open to hackers.

Why Responsive Design Makes Your Website Get Results

Responsive website design is a programming approach used to allows your web pages to change how they display on a variety of screen sizes. It uses a combination of fluid layouts, responsive images, and media queries to allow your website to adjust and look great on any device.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Might Need A Redesign

In prior blog posts, we addressed a need for keeping your website software up to date. But many organizations should also take a moment to consider whether they actually need to rethink their approach to what their website goals and needs are. This article asks 10 questions that would lead you to properly evaluating your website strategy.

4 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Audit

For most people, the word ‘audit’ has negative associations because it means they’re being evaluated. For example, an audit of your finances could mean you’re being accused of scary things such as fraud, tampering, or lying. But when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization audits, you have nothing to fear. Conducting an SEO audit shows you’re proactively trying to help yourself and your business.

How to Choose a Website Platform

In today’s digital world a business’ website can be the deciding factor for a buyer or user. A buyer will make as much as 70-90% of their decision before even contacting you.. They are studying your website, looking at online reviews of your products, and getting recommendations from friends and colleagues.

The Benefits of Being Social Online

A blog post about blogs. Pretty meta, right? There are numerous benefits of blogging for your web business. In fact, more and more businesses are turning to blog writing as a form of marketing. That’s probably because small businesses with blogs generate 126% for more leads . Interesting content is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media and 81% of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs.

How to Find the Right Web Designer

You’ve come to the conclusion that your website’s not working at its maximum potential, whether it be poor analytics, not enough incoming leads, or not enough sales, so what do you do next?

The Benefits of Blogging for Your Web Business

If you don’t have social media for your business at this point, then you are losing out on hundreds of opportunities a day. 4 of the 25 most visited websites currently are social media platforms. With your business on any of the four, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you’ll have a greater chance of your customers seeing your name everyday. The most visited social network and second most visited site, Facebook, has 65% of its users visiting at least once daily and 72% at least monthly. If these stats aren’t enough to get your business active on social media immediately then keep reading and you’ll be convinced.

5 Inbound Marketing Goals for the New Year

They say a new year brings a fresh start, but the reality is January doesn’t magically make things better on its own. It is you that must make changes and improvements in life. With that being said, if you want to help your business grow like the people hitting the gym this month, the key is to not give up, even if results don’t show immediately. To start this journey on a path to even greater success, here are five goals to achieve throughout the year.

Creating More Conversions for Your Web Business

The end goal of a web business is to make conversions. Whether they’re sales, leads or clicks on a particular page, conversions are the main drivers of web business. Conversions don’t come naturally to any site. Most sites must do their own testing, analysis and optimization to find what works best. These few tips may help create more conversions for you web business.

Web Analytics for Your Web Business

Any successful business keeps track of their statistics. They track their expenses, revenues, profits, products, customer and so on. Statistics allow us to find correlations so we can better understand what works and why for our business. The same goes for your web business. There are various analytics tools that exist to help your business succeed. So, what exactly can web analytics do for your website?