Web Analytics for Your Web Business analytics

Measure Trends, Quantitatively Evaluate Web Content, Challenge or Validate Assumptions

Any successful business keeps track of their statistics. They track their expenses, revenues, profits, products, customer and so on. Statistics allow us to find correlations so we can better understand what works and why for our business. The same goes for your web business. There are various analytics tools that exist to help your business succeed. So, what exactly can web analytics do for your website?

Measure Trends

Individual statistics should not be the sole basis for decision making. Often, a lonesome statistic is misunderstood because it’s taken out of its larger context. Decision making should be based off of trends you see occurring with you business. Analytics can track and measure trends.

Quantitatively Evaluate Web Content

You can see how well your content performs with metrics such as site visits, bounce rate, session duration, average pages per visit and many more signifiers. You can study the web content you put out and use the measured stats to improve or tweak it. If you’re able to understand how people view and use your site, you’ll be better equipped to discover and assess content problems.

Challenge or Validate Assumptions

You have the ability to use web analytics to prove your assumptions right or challenge previous assumptions you had about your web business. This can allow you to solidify the vision of your web business or pivot if necessary. Some assumptions can be costly and people go through entire website redesigns without having full knowledge of their site’s problem.

There are many things web analytics can provide for our web business and luckily some analytics programs are free of charge. Other programs and suites may charge a monthly rate but you’d also have more in depth access to what’s going on with your web business. If you need help with web analytics or just have questions about your web businesses in general, consult Red Lab Media . We’re a creative web agency that aims to grow your business. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your website. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all things Red Lab Media .

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