The Benefits of Being Social Online

A Place to Learn, Target Audience, Instant Feedback, Site Traffic

If you don’t have social media for your business at this point, then you are losing out on hundreds of opportunities a day. 4 of the 25 most visited websites currently are social media platforms. With your business on any of the four, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you’ll have a greater chance of your customers seeing your name everyday. The most visited social network and second most visited site, Facebook, has 65% of its users visiting at least once daily and 72% at least monthly. If these stats aren’t enough to get your business active on social media immediately then keep reading and you’ll be convinced.\

A Place to Learn

No matter how great your website is your customers aren’t going to sit down and read every web page and click on every link. So, there are probably some things that they don’t know about you. Social media platforms are a great way to showcase all that you have to offer. You must remember that users don’t have to visit your page in order to see your posts. It’s possible to see these numbers as well, for free, with Twitter analytics and Facebook insights when you sign up as a business.

Target Audience

Advertising with social media has made reaching the right customers easier than ever before. With current algorithms you can reach not only your own audience, but specific demographics that you choose from. With Facebook alone you can target by age, location, gender, and behaviors like interests and purchasing intents. This is a much better way to target your specific customers than a traditional print or billboard ad where you have nearly no idea who will be viewing them daily.

Instant Feedback

Because social media is live all the time you can receive feedback on your products at any time of the day. There can be negative side effects to this when you have unhappy customers, but because you can see their feedback within seconds, solving their issue is easier than ever. You can also receive feedback from your ads, and see exactly how many people they are reaching as well as how much it is costing you per like or click.

Site Traffic

Social media is also a great way to improve your site’s visibility. Last year, it was reported that social media alone drove 31.24% of users to websites. You can drive traffic using ads for your business in individual posts as well as content from your blogs. You can also track the numbers using the analytics to determine how many more users are visiting your site because of your social activity.

For most businesses, what it really comes down to is that social media is free to use. You can create your own posts that are engaging and share worthy content while never having to invest any money in it. Now that may be a unicorn situation, but the more time you invest into understanding the social side of the internet, the more it will help drive traffic to your website and build brand recognition for your business.

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