How to Find the Right Web Designer

Determine a budget, Know your abilities, Hands on or hands off?, Understand your needs

You’ve come to the conclusion that your website’s not working at its maximum potential, whether it be poor analytics, not enough incoming leads, or not enough sales, so what do you do next?

When you type “web designer” into a Google search, over a billion results come up, so you’re going to have to weigh the options to figure out which will truly be best for you. There are many factors in choosing a designer or design firm, such as price, availability, and even your own abilities.

Determine a budget

Whether this is the first time you’re building a website, or you’re just looking for a redesign, the first thing you need to do is outline a budget. There’s nothing worse to a freelancer or design firm than clients who don’t know how much they want to spend. Because some of this work is done hourly and not project based, you must be able to determine how much you can afford to spend before figuring out what your options are.

Know your abilities

Do you want a site that will remain static, or one that you will be able to update? If you’re looking for one that you can change often without extensive knowledge, then you might want to look into options like Squarespace or a free WordPress account. On the other hand, if you want a site that will look professional enough to be owned by a Fortune 500 company, then you’re going to need some help from designers. If you still want to update your site, using a designer who uses WordPress themes or Adobe Business Catalyst is an easy place to start for those who have no prior knowledge in the backend of web design. You can also look into finding designers or firms who will help you after your site goes live, although this will ultimately end up costing you money as well.

Hands on or hands off?

How much of the design process do you want to be a part of? If you’re looking to shoot out some ideas and let someone else take control, then look into a larger design firm. The larger firms will also have more people, working faster, and possibly in remote locations that will be working on your site. If you want a designer who will meet with you often to review and discuss next steps, then you might want to look into a freelance designer. But, if you’re looking for professional meets personal, look for firms that have their employees listed and viewable on their site. This usually means they want you to know who they are and are willing to work face to face.

Understand your needs

This may be one of the most important factors when considering a designer. Do you need a web designer or a web design firm that can help you beyond layout? In a world where everyone has more than one job, finding a firm that can help you do more than just get a site running is easier than ever. If you just need a design, then stick to a freelancer. Firms can help with things such as marketing tools that will not only get your site launched, but running with better analytics reports, search engine optimization help, and even site copy.

Choosing a web designer is the biggest step in creating or redesigning a site. You need to trust this person, or group of people, who will be responsible for the creation. If you’re looking for a team to help you on multiple levels of web design, check out Red Lab Media. From web design to inbound marketing, we have you covered!

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