5 Inbound Marketing Goals for the New Year

Develop a Voice, Build Trust, and Engage with Prospects, Get Your Page Higher in Search Engines, Stay Consistent, Brand Awareness, Strengthen Relationship with Current Customers

They say a new year brings a fresh start, but the reality is January doesn’t magically make things better on its own. It is you that must make changes and improvements in life. With that being said, if you want to help your business grow like the people hitting the gym this month, the key is to not give up, even if results don’t show immediately. To start this journey on a path to even greater success, here are five goals to achieve throughout the year.

Develop a Voice, Build Trust, and Engage with Prospects

This is where it all starts. Before you can begin implementing a marketing strategy, you need to develop the voice of your organization. Your voice doesn’t have to be lofty and incomprehensible. As long as it reflects your audience, your voice can be casual and fun. No one wants to feel like they are being talked down to, but at the same time, if you are not professional enough it may come off just as bad. By developing this voice you will draw in the prospects you want, so you can begin to engage with them using the voice that brought them there.

Get Your Page Higher in Search Engines

No, this doesn’t mean immediately drop everything and start Google AdWords or pay per clicks. You can start improving your search engine optimization by doing keyword research on your industry. Using those keywords, develop content that features or focuses around them. Organically raising your business’ page will help you in the long run whereas paying for clicks only help until you run out of marketing money. Lastly, if you are in need of a website redesign, incorporating keywords into your headers, Meta descriptions, title text, and content will also increase your visibility organically.

Stay Consistent

You don’t need to be the greatest blogger, newsletter writer, or podcaster on the planet to be consistent. Set an achievable goal that you know you will have enough time to reach. There’s nothing worse than starting off strong, only to burn out quickly. Schedule specific times throughout your week to create the content so you know it will get done. Consistency is key in achieving every goal, and with inbound marketing, you are only as good as the content you provide. If your content isn’t there, then the customers who follow you and trust you will not be either.

Brand Awareness

Don’t forget to talk about yourself! Making sure your audience knows who you are isn’t something you can forget about. Consistency is also a major aspect of brand awareness. By producing consistent, share-worthy content, you will achieve this goal without even trying. Make sure your branding is consistent across all levels and platforms.

Strengthen Relationship with Current Customers

Like brand awareness, this goal will fall into place if you achieve all of the others. By producing great content that your customers can use will immediately strengthen your bond and trust with them. Using newsletters is a great way to get customers to remember you. You must also engage with your customers regularly. Don’t expect them to come back to you, because they may just find someone else who will engage with them.

Now that you’ve read our suggestions for 2017 goals, is there any we missed that you have?

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