The Art of Prospecting

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17. HOW ?

12. Update you website and use media like LinkedIN, Facebook,...

8. Partners rely on the Leads and Opportunities received by Odoo to do their business and grow

10. To increase your visibility you also have to go out to find and win clients

3. Some Figures 1

7. Some Facts 2

32. Conclusion 5

9. Inbound has to lowest cost of sale and should remain the main focus, but ...

5. 4.32 Consistent projects per year

11. Good References and Customer Success Stories attract new clients or help to win new clients

13. Software Sales Strategies 3

4. 7% conversion from lead into contract

14. 1. Low level entry point Promote product features that the client finds advantageous.

30. Tip: Build a story for each Odoo app

6. 4 good leads per month

15. 2. Advance strategic enablers that fundamentally change the way the client does business.

18. Prospecting methodology 4

34. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2017

19. DO NOT prospect looking for ERP needs

20. DO prospect looking for app needs

1. The Art of Prospecting Hans Borutta • Channel Account Manager EXPERIENCE 2017

28. As important as a good qualification, is the ability to disqualify .

25. POSSIBLE OUTCOMES : 1. You have your hook 2. They already have something

23. The call ● REFERENCE CALLING Try to get a connection to the client Phone prospecting example

24. « This is Hans Borutta from Odoo. You and I haven't spoken before, but the reason why I am calling you is because over the last year I have been talking with people in your position within companies similar to yours. One of the main concerns they shared with me was the risk of lost revenue and missed targets for not having all timesheets invoiced on a timely manner. They basically told me they didn’t have a centralized system for people to fill in their timesheets electronically, that was linked to the invoicing system. Now, since we have been able to address this issue, can I ask you if is this a problem you recognise as well and if you would be interested in hearing how we did ? »

2. Some Figures 1 Some Facts Prospecting Methodology Conclusion 2 3 4 5 Software Sales Strategies

29. 2. They have something Do only 2 things : • • Ask about their IT landscape (ERP, ...) and keep the info for a next campaign. • Disengage and tell you will keep him posted if you worked on another project that may be of interest. Don’t « Fish » around for other opportunities, a next call is waiting.

26. 1. You have your hook Explore the impact of the pain = quantify the financial impact of the pain • Why does it happen ? • How often does it happen ? • How much missed revenue are we talking about ? • What share is it of the total revenue ?

21. Prepare your calling ● Design your marketing plan ● Identify the target market ● Create ideal prospect profile ● Know their pain points ● Develop your lead qualification question

27. 1. You have your hook Identify key stakeholders • Are you the decision maker ? • Are you the budget owner ? IF NOT : Negotiate access to power ! « if I would prove you during a visit that my solution solves these issues, would you agree to introduce me to ... ? »

33. ● Prepare well for calls and demos ● Keep it simple ● Know the pricing for Odoo and your services ● Provide clients with monthly services packages ● Sell consulting services ● Connect with your account manager ● Develop Apps and sell them on the Appstore

22. Target market: services companies 50-250 employees Their ASSUMED painpoint: timesheets target profile : service mgr, HR mgr prepare : call sheet, marketing

31. • CRM : Sales Manager missing forecasts • WMS : Missed revenue for sales ordering out of stock items • Purchase : Missed margin for not buying at the best prices • Missed revenue for not having supplies on time • Accounting : • Productivity loss for making double inputs • E-commerce : • Customer dissatisfaction for ordering out of stock items and being on backorder • ETC ...


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