Business Application Implementation

Integrate All Your Business Processes

Business application implementation

Get the Tools to Get the Job Done Right

At Red Lab Media we know what it takes to create an attractive, easy to navigate and functional online business presence.  We utilize a variety of software options that will work together to create the most efficient  website for your company.  We work with many multi-use software choices as well as software designed for specific areas of your business needs. 

Multi-Use Programs

Some of the multi-use software platforms we use include:

Adobe Business Catalyst

A flexible program that provides a one-stop shop for content management,  Adobe Business Catalyst, provides a variety of templates as well as the ability to create your own design, giving you complete control over the look and flow of your site.  Catalyst also has the e-commerce capability built into the platform, allowing you to set up an online store without custom coding or third party setup.  The program has a built-in CRM platform that is automatically integrated with the e-commerce, CMS, web form, and membership features.  The CRM program will allow you to build a customer list to send targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns with a few clicks.


This software program is easy to use for those who don't know coding and its drag and drop technology makes designing custom pages quick and easy.  The program also offers quick inline editing features to facilitate changes.  Odoo e-commerce offers a variety of features to make selling your products and services easy with such features as the ability to add digital products, flexible price list, add-on variants for products and the ability to create multiple stores.  The CRM system allows you to manage leads, maintain customer databases, create plans, communicate with customers and coworkers, and integrate with your other company programs.   Odoo offers online support help and training information to help guide from setup through implementation.  The program offers lead management marketing automation to create personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns as well as a project management platform to organize, schedule, plan, and analyze all aspects of your project.


Zoho boasts drag and drop technology and easy integration with other programs.  The designed pages are instantly mobile ready without additional work.  The Zoho CRM platform is perfect for small businesses and start-ups and offers lead and contact management, business card views, integration with social media, standard reports, email templates and much more.  Zoho offers 24/7 help desk support and training information to ensure your website functions smoothly at all times.  Use Zoho for your email marketing where you have the ability to create, track and send targeted email campaigns to build customer relationships and promote products and services.

Nation Builder

Nation Builder is the perfect software for custom made, from scratch, action-driven sites  It provides goal tracking, donation processing, and easy social media marketing integration.  You can match your email list to your social media and send unlimited emails to promote your product or cause.  The program offers integrations with Mail Chimp, Gmail, WordPress, Eventbrite, Facebook, and Phone 2 Action to make your project run smoothly.

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress - With a wide variety of templates and themes to choose from, WordPress makes website design and personalization easy even for those with less experience.

  • Joomla - Joomla is known for being stable, secure, and easy to use.  They offer multiple templates and extensions to customize your website to your desired theme and flow.

  • Drupal - Drupal provides many of the standard features found in most CMS software but offers flexibility to create versatile content to keep you up to date the latest in website design.


  • WooCommmerce - With this program you can create highly customizable e-commerce platforms that help you to sell any product or service.  WooCommerce also offers hundreds of free extensions to make your customization complete.

  • Magento - Magento offers the flexibility to continually evolve your platform to meet the ever-changing needs of your consumer base.  This software also heavily focuses on mobile-friendly designs.

Customer/Constituent Relationship Management

  • Agile CRM - Agile is cloud-based, mobile ready, easy and fast to use, affordable, and offers an all-in-one CRM system for sales, marketing, and service.

  • HubSpot CRM - Hubspot helps you to manage, track, and get further insight on sales and leads all in an easy to learn, easy to use platform.

Help/desk Support

  • Zendesk - Zendesk is acloud-based help desk solution that creates positive interactions, strong customer service, and helps grow your company without experiencing the growing pains.

Marketing Automation

  • Hubspot - Hubspot has marketing automation tools to help you create a strategy, establish a campaign, sort through customer lists, and create content personalized to those contacts.

Email Marketing

  • Mail Chimp - This software utilizes a campaign builder that helps to create an engaging email campaign that gets your message across.  It also has marketing automation to engage and followup campaigns without having to lift a finger.

SEO Research and Reporting

  • Google Analytics - Google analytics can help you manage your ROI and track your social media, videos, and content performance.

  • Google Search Console - This program helps you monitor the performance of your website in the Google search rankings.

  • WebCEO - Offers analytic tools for research and tracking performance, provides SEO tools for social media and linking, and provides automated rank checking, keyword research, and SEO audits

  • Agency Analytics - Helps you monitor your online results through rank tracking, backlink monitors, social analytics, SEO audit, PPC analytics, and automated reporting.

  • Moz - Moz helps build tools to make your inbound marketing, backlink building, content marketing, and SEO easy and accessible.

  • SEMrush - Offers an all-in-one marketing toolkit to provide you with competitive intelligence, problem solutions, backlink audits, positions tracking, and ideas increase traffic. 

  • Bright Local - Track your local SEO reporting with Bright Local to find out how you rank among your core set of customers.  This program will track search rankings, monitor reviews, audit Google My Business, and audit citations & NAP.

Content Management

  • CoSchedule - You can keep your content all in one space and organized to view it at a glance.  The schedule also offers social media scheduling and tracking through google analytics.

  • Jumpchart  - With jumpchart, you can get your content created, organized, track its feedback, and integrate it into your CMS software.

  • Writer Access - This content platform offers everything from content strategy to SEO, keyword-based content, created to target your buyers during each stage of their journey.

Contact Red Lab Media today to find out which web platform programs can work together to create the most effective online presence for your company.