The Process of Building a Web Business

Bruce Letterle - Monday, May 12, 2014

In 2014, it’s hard to imagine owning or operating a business without a web presence. Ten years ago a simple website would have sufficed, but now customers and clients want more functionality and better results than simple websites can offer. That’s why having a web business is crucial to your company’s survival.

We here at Red Lab Media consider ourselves web business builders. We create websites for businesses using top-of-line software including Adobe Business Catalyst, Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. Having a process to get your web business off the ground is critical and that’s why we’ve mapped out a four-stage method that we help walk you through.

Analysis and Planning

Whether you’re starting from scratch or are just looking to improve your current website we would start with an analysis of your business needs and develop a plan around them. During this stage we would discuss your business goals and what you hope to accomplish with a web business. Keeping an open mind will multiply your web platform choices.

Web Platform Building

After a web business plan is set in place we would start developing your new website. We build your website based on your business needs. It’s not a simple template where we simply plug in your company’s name and information. We custom design and implement the functionalities your site needs. Your web business has specialized necessities which means it won't look like a carbon copy of another business’s website.

Web Marketing

Once your site is built the next step is to get traffic flowing to your web business. The visibility of the site would be increased by search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Developing email marketing campaigns will help build direct lines between your business and its customers. Incorporating social media will also increase your web presence and can be used as a channel to float people to your site.

Sales Conversion

All of these steps are leading towards an end goal. For most businesses, it’s about making a sale. You’ll see a rise in potential revenue if your web business has the capacity to make the sale through its website. We have the ability to implement ecommerce directly into your site which will help discover and form lead databases, sign customers up for newsletters and even register visitors for webinars. Customer relationship management (CRM) can provide many different functions for your web business and finding its appropriate use will assist in sales conversions.

If you plan on developing a web business, it’s pays off to have a game plan. Red Lab Media will not only help you devise your plan but will walk you through each step so you understand the ins and outs of your web business. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your current website. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all things Red Lab Media .

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