Talk To Your Customers Directly Through Email Marketing

Bruce Letterle - Thursday, May 01, 2014

With the rise in social media over the years it may seem like email marketing has taken a back seat. Businesses and their customers may be having conversations on platforms like Facebook and Twitter but are they driving sales? Social media platforms are great for providing your audience with content and customer support but it’s email marketing that brings customers to your website.


When it comes to marketing, consumers prefer a more direct line of contact. According to recent study from ExactTarget , 77% of consumers would rather receive marketing communications through email. Promotional emails (if quality written) will get most customers started with a sale. Last year, 44% of consumers who received promotional emails made at least one purchase. Making sure your emails get opened is half the battle. So, how can your business’s emails bypass a consumer’s spam box?


You’ve Got Mail

How many times have you junked emails simply because of the subject line? Too many to count? It turns out that 64% of people will open an email because of the subject line. An email has a 58% open rate if its subject line is fewer than ten characters and personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. Having an engaging subject line is a crucial step in a successful email marketing campaign.


There are many common mistakes your business should be aware of before starting an email marketing campaign, such as:

  • Clumsy unsubscribe pages
  • Over (and under) personalization
  • Image embedding
  • Uncreative subject lines
  • Repeatedly sending identical emails


Reader expectations, personalization and list segmentation should play a large role in crafting your email marketing campaign.


Proper Utilization Is Key

With email marketing being alive and well, it’s important that your business utilizes it correctly. If your company wishes to sell products and services we can help you build a web business. Email marketing is essential for a website’s survival.  

If your company is looking for a Pittsburgh web design company, Red Lab Media can offer various solutions to your business’s website, or even help you build one from the ground up. Email marketing can boost sales as well as traffic to other channels of your business. Contact us today to receive a complimentary assessment of your web business needs.

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